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Online Course : Break Into Sport

Our first online course for individuals called Break Into Sport is insightful, thought provoking and inspirational. It gives you first-hand, up-to-date knowledge to make you sound like a seasoned pro and key career advice that will give you the edge over your peers and help you to fulfil your potential. We are not academics, we work in the business of sport today and want to share our expertise and experience in the most effective and efficient way to achieve results.

Few industries offer a more rewarding career than sport. With hard work, dedication plus a helping hand from our team of experts, the Sport Calling Break Into Sport online course can make your ambitions a reality. We can help you build the career you dream of.

Whether you are working in a different industry and are ready to make the move across to sport or a recent graduate looking to break into the industry, this course will teach you what you need to know to make the move into sport, quickly and efficiently.

Break Into Sport is an online course that you work through at your own pace. You will also receive online support from a tutor. A team of course leaders from Sport Collective, the successful sports rights and marketing agency, will teach you how the business of sport works and give an in-depth insight into the mechanics of each sport business discipline. This will help you find the area that best matches your talents and passion.

We want to show you how to find your place in sport and make an impact.



The course far exceeded my expectations. It was clear and precise and taught me so much. It helped me understand what my strengths are, what I would be good at and how I can transfer my current skills. Even though breaking into the Sports Industry seems like a daunting task, this course provides the resources and coaching I need to confront the challenge with confidence and knowledge
— Andres P, USA
Thanks very much for the course - I got the internship with Slingshot! At interview I was asked the exact sponsorship activation questions you suggested. The course also gave me an excellent feel for the landscape of the sport business industry
— Simon B, London

When you've completed Break Into Sport you will...

  • Have a detailed understanding of the sport business industry – who’s in it, how it operates and what each of the key disciplines are.

  • Be able to make an informed decision on your future in sport - knowing what discipline and roles are right for you.

  • Have identified how usable your current skill set is and know how to show it when communicating with employers.

  • Have formed your own opinions about future trends in the industry and know case studies of best practice you can discuss in interviews - you’ll be an opinion-former, not an opinion-follower!

  • Have created a killer application - a brilliant CV and covering letter that are tailored to individual jobs

  • Be equipped with the tools to help you build a career in sport and feel confident in your knowledge and abilities when starting your first role or progressing to your second.